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What happened to my summer? Oh, yeah . . . it was derailed by Lyme disease and by all accounts it wasn’t giving up yet. Two months after the deer tick did its damage, my energy level was continuing to rise but my short-term memory and recall were still not showing improvement. Fortunately, my brain didn’t need to be fully functional for me to enjoy my new writing garden––even if I wasn’t writing. A Paper Key is a story that takes place during the Christmas holiday season and needed to be edited and ready to publish by the beginning of November. It would take my Fairy Godmother to make that happen, so I accepted the realization that the book would have to wait a year. The Humming birds had left to begin their long trek down to Mexico or South America and my favorite butterfly had disappeared. I enjoyed hours spent drinking in those special scents of fall as the leaves turned their vibrant colors and slowly began to fall around me.



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