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Pam Cleverly CanterI’m finally back to a routine writing schedule after an exhausting month of CANTER Ohio projects. March was a month with many deadlines. The Board Meeting started off the month with new projects and timelines. I had this year’s t-shirts to design (designed and made before April 4th), 40 horseshoes to decorate to sell at Equine Affaire (a four day event held at the Ohio Fairgrounds in Columbus), one of our major grants to write, and the follow-up report on another. I did manage to squeeze in time for editing and the weekly meetings of my critique group.

Equine Affaire is a giant equine expo with folks from all over the United States and Canada showing their horses, Pam Cleverly 41816putting on workshops and demonstrations and retailers selling everything equine. It ran from April 7th thru the 10th with doors open from 9:00-7:00. For a booth holder, it’s a long day to keep your public/happy face on even with additional help. Our booth is in the Breed Pavilion, which means we’re surrounded by horses, demonstrations in the arena, loud noises and dust. It’s sensory overload for ten hours a day . . . but I look forward to it every year.

I had great intentions of writing in my hotel room at night. Well, that just didn’t happen!!! As the Executive Director for CANTER Ohio, I had the daily financials to complete and emails to answer. By eleven o’clock I was pretty much brain-dead and ready for bed––six o’clock the next morning came too soon, after trying to sleep in a strange bed, and my day began with a marathon schedule all over again.

I’m now back home and have a somewhat normal schedule . . . unless you count that my new office is under renovation and I’m writing in a corner of the den.

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