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I’m still working on the final draft of A Beacon In The Dark. I wrote the book – I know it has to end. Along with the pressure of getting the manuscript ready for the last edit, is the joy of remembering. Remembering the time spent at the Waldorf Astoria in New York doing research for the diaries part of the book. It was the time of World War II, and the wonderful thing about the Waldorf is that it hasn’t changed much since the 1940s. The scenes had been written, but I needed to get the details right. So, this past July, while attending the Romance Writers Of America conference in Times Square, I walked over to the Waldorf for a VIP tour.

What a fabulous adventure. Do you know they keep beehives on the roof? Yep, and I was given a small jar of their honey.


That red giant is a mixer!!! Can you just imagine lugging that bag of flour around? The hotel takes up one full city block and the kitchens take up one entire floor, and I got to see all of it. The pastry kitchen was amazing and I was given a sample of what had been made that day. WOW, I had to say stop. I would end the tour with lunch consisting of the Waldorf’s various entrees, including its famous Waldorf salad.

Today was a good day. Although it might be in the single digits outside, and the editing never ends—I had my memories of the Waldorf Astoria for company.

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