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On May 21, 2021

As a writer, my “job” is taking the story in my head and putting it to paper, or in my case to my laptop. Throughout time writers have struggled with determining just where that “place” to write is. Centuries ago it was writing on sheets of parchment spread out on a flat surface with a quill and a pot of ink. Later, proper desks were used, still with a writing device and a pretty jar of ink. We moved on to paper secured in notebooks, pads and binders with any number of writing devices depending on what was at hand from crayons to pencils and fashionable pens. The place to write could be anywhere from a field to a coffee shop.

For me it began on a manual typewriter, progressed to a word processor––for those too young to remember or never worked in an office during the 1980s they were glorified electric typewriters with memory––then I moved on to computers and now a laptop. Sounds like I’m old, but not old enough to start out with a fountain pen, although I do love the elegance of them, and have a few.

Several years ago after setting up my “office” in different rooms of the house from a corner of the living room (that didn’t work for long) to the dining room, to the den, and finally taking an upstairs guest bedroom and turning it into my dream office. I love my art deco/Hollywood glam space complete with crystal chandelier. Chrome and glass cohabits nicely with metal file cabinets, walnut bookcases and printers.

But, what about summertime and the outdoors? Northeast Ohio only has about four months that can actually be called summer or at least a combination of warm and hot. This year I want to spend inspirational time outdoors writing with the lilting sounds of birds, the rustle of leaves on huge old trees and the occasional lawn mower. So I’m reclaiming from Mother Nature an old patio, up on a hill behind the house, which was never finished. The plans have been sketched out and materials ordered¬¬––a pallet of 144 pavers were delivered today.

My Memorial Day weekend begins!

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