Meet Hemingway

on June 8, 2017 Leave a reply

It’s been two weeks since we welcomed this little Yorkie, named Rocky, into our home. It was amazing how quickly the adoption from Little Yorkie Rescue transpired after being notified that the little man was available. He’d just been picked up from his vet appointment after being neutered, had five teeth extracted and treated for a UTI. Not even two years old and the poor little guy was severely underweight and needed lots of TLC.  Donna Rickard of Little Yorkie Rescue met me at her house last Thursday night in Lorain. I’m new to small/toy breeds and the little guy was so thin and fragile I was afraid I’d hurt him. Donna was wonderful and made sure the tiny Yorkie was kept warm with a new shirt and blanket. He slept in his new crate and bed for the hour-long drive home. We arrived after 10:00 and had just enough time for me to read his medical/prescription needs and then tuck the little guy into his bed for the night.

He settled right in to life in his new home and now has us on a schedule that works for him. He had that grumpy old man look with his head full of silver hair . . . he was definitely not a Rocky. He was a Hemingway!  It’s hard to believe that so much joy could come into our lives all packed in a four-pound package.



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