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010I’ve spent enough time in workshops with Nora Roberts to know the answer. “You put your ass in the chair and write!”

Well, my ass has been in the chair for weeks and I haven’t written a single new word in my third book, It Started With Besse. Why, you ask? It’s not for lack of trying––more like a lack of scheduling. Maybe I missed the session when Nora explained the art of prioritizing. What to do when you’ve received your manuscript back from the editor with a gazillion changes (it’s like re-writing the book). And you have the final editor waiting for the pages to proof for punctuation and grammar. Just when you’re on a roll and the end is in sight your publisher sends the final proof of your first book. Yep, it needs to be read for any changes before going to print. Right now I’m feeling about as much in control as I did walking in Times Square!

Meanwhile, what keeps sneaking into my thoughts is the final research needed to finish Besse. This time, I don’t have to travel to New York or Virginia. Everything I need to see is no more than a half-hour drive away . . . old buildings, tunnels and a mine. But that adventure must wait until after Lighthouse goes to print.

In case you’ve lost track, I’m working on three books. In The Shadow Of The Lighthouse is almost ready for print, A Beacon In The Dark is being edited, and It Started With Besse is, well, just hanging right now.

I’m trying, Nora. My ass is definitely in the chair!

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