In the Shadow of the Lighthouse

ITSOTL-flatSomeone is trying to kill Olivia Bentley . . . but who? And why?

Olivia’s life has been filled with deception and tragedy. On the outside, she lives a lavish life that most people would envy. But underneath she is haunted, knowing she is responsible for the death of her family. After a disastrous marriage ends, Olivia is determined to build a new life.

Under her new identity, Olivia takes on a high-powered job and becomes part of Cleveland’s social scene. When tragedy strikes again, Olivia is left with almost nothing . . . except questions.

With her reputation in shreds, she takes shelter in the tiny village of Marblehead, Ohio, and rebuilds her life yet again, this time in the shadow of the lighthouse. When she begins to fall for the local boat mechanic, she hopes the cycle of tragedy is finally broken . . . and then the accidents begin.

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