A Beacon in the Dark

Olivia Bentley has finally put the horrors of her past to rest, and is renovating the old Captain’s house, nestled in the shadow of the lighthouse. She found the forever kind of love that she’s been searching for and is ready to settle down as Mrs. Travis Tanner in the small town of Marblehead, Ohio. Then one snowy day her Uncle Lionel pays a visit with news that will change her life forever. Olivia is the sole heir of a grandmother she never knew. But there’s a catch. First she must fight to gain control of her shares in one of the oldest shipbuilding empires in the country. Before Olivia can move on with her life with Travis, she must unravel the mysteries of her mother’s past. All Olivia knew about her mother was that she had grown up on an old farm in Virginia. Now she must leave the safety of Marblehead and travel to Charles City, Virginia to unravel a web of secrets and the mysteries of her grandmother’s death While she hunts for her grandmother’s murderer Olivia finds herself stepping into the life of wealth, power, and manipulation her mother escaped from. The historic Virginia plantation along the James River hides more than ghosts of the past, and Olivia soon finds herself a target as she discovers the secrets her mother left behind.

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